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1. Research & Concept Design


You're looking for living with ease & harmony. Getting to know you and your home is the key for making that happen.

Concept Design

- Drawings showing overall function & flow in your home. - Inspiration images. - Samples. This is a map to follow. When starting an interior design project it is important to give time for the recearch and concept creating process, it will save you time and money later! The choices we make along the process will be within the concept created at this point. As a designer I really put thought in to my work. I listen carefully, try different lay outs, ideas and styles before introducing one for you. The one I think will work the very best for you in every ways.

2. Design & Sourcing

Once there is a concept we all are happy & excited about and agree to continue with, it’s time to start working for that perfect home! This includes - Scaled drawings - Detail drawings - Finding surface materials, colors, fixtures and finishes - Finding furniture and furnishing - Putting the Interior Design package together.

3. Project Management

Following project to the finish.

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